Merci Cadeaux

Redefining Personalized


...has a gift for EVERY OCCASION, even the ones you don’t think about
— Shar

The Idea

From the barista to the boardroom, heck, even your brother wants to feel valued. Gifts are not about you or your budget (most times). They're about staying connected. What made you fall in love, the customers who get your brand or even the person who grooms your dog. They all add value to your life and for them, I am here to tell that story with an extraordinary gift. 


Style & Quality

My attention to detail and creativity are my prized possessions and your advantage to creating an unforgettable experience of giving someone a gift that will light up their eyes and remain in their heart.

My concierge efficiency takes away all the concerns of remembering dates, stressful shopping, or wondering if it will fit (them or the moment). Relax, I've got it all covered. 

100% Handmade

Most of my gifts are heart curated and bespoke items. However, all the Paper Goods here at Merci Cadeaux are all handmade. Creating unique greeting cards and invitations is where it all started. I've always loved writing poetry and pretty paper. Combining them both allows me to design greeting cards that express every sentiment and invitations that make an exquisite introduction to any event. Let's tell your story.     



Niccole Nelson is a designer for people who want extraordinary ways to give. Through her creative eye for details, compassion for other and artistic style she's here to help you shift your perspective while telling a story of love through an extraordinary gift. Her customers are excited about sharing their stories and love her enthusiastic, compassionate approach towards a delicate subject. When she's not designing you can find her writing poetry, ogling a new handbag or laughing with her children. Meet Niccole and get ready to think outside the gift box.