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Where's the best seat in the house during the holidays?

HolidaysNiccole NelsonComment

Nope, it’s not Dad’s recliner. Although it’s pretty comfy.

Where then?

The kids table of course!

I know no one thinks about the kids table as the holiday hang out.

I’m gonna share three reason’s (tips) why it’s the coolest place to be before, during and after dinner. These things will keep kiddies entertained and tummies tamed till dinner is served.

First of all SNACKS! ‘Nough said.

Finger foods to nibble on will keep the rumble in the tummy quiet. Have Orange and Apple slices, as well as grapes out on their table. This will help keep them from filling up on candy canes or any other sugary treats out for guest without spoiling dinner.

If you have time you could make edible jewelry. One I like is pizza dough bracelet. A little pepperoni and string cheese, bake, wear and eat this fun option.

Now that the tummies are tamed, let’s focus some of that energy we’d like to bottle.

A mix of games and activities for group and individual play is a great idea. Puzzles, Uno Splash, washable markers or an all time favorite, Etch-A-Sketch.

If you’re a DIY girl like me, you may have Christmas cut outs on hand. The children could make Christmas cards to share with family throughout the holiday season.

Last but not least…

You’ve had dinner, all is well, but the tables have to be cleared.

Enter, once again, the kids!

Share a reward system for all the kids who help clear the table.


1) Take the kids to the bar! No, not that kinda bar LOL banana split stick bar. I know that’s more to clean, but trust me the kids will eat most of it. Here’s the recipe.

2) Everyone will be on board when you say… You get to open one small gift. No need to explain.

3) After everyone is good and full, we know what time it is. Nap time. Just kidding! It’s movie time. The kids can get to choose the family movie.

See, the KIDS TABLE ROCKS! because of course KIDS RULE! (Especially at Christmas)

Please let me know if you try any of these tips. Come back here and leave a comment or tag @mercicadeaux on Instagram. Feel free to share this post with your hostess, friends and family.

I’ll see you back here next week with more great ways to share life and connect.